About Us

Summer Projects is a team of buidlers that with experience in building web 2.0 applications for years. We are venturing into blockchain space and realized there are still gaps that needed to fill to help onboard mainstream users into the blockchain ecosystem, such as Decentralized Finance (DeFi), NFTs, and web3 applications in multiple blockchains.

As buidlers, we are exploring web3 from the technical sides, taking the tech apart, dissecting the potential of smart contracts, experiment intuitive User experience, and research DeFi invesments to allow safe passage and pain free onboarding for mainstream users into the exoctic land of blockchain

Raffiq Khalil

Project Manager / Buidler

Reza Razali

Chief Memes Officer

Zara Aida
Calvin Tam

Chief Technology Officer

Edo Putra

Product Designer

Hisyam Nasir

Developer / Buidler

Samahah Razak

Developer / Buidler

Iqbal Mat Yaakob

Editor & Content. Building a degen life

Luqman Nor (donapeqo)

Developer / Newsletter, community. Asks “wen WL” way too many times